Thursday, August 1, 2013


I am officially engaged to the love of my life. Shelly Tham !

I have been planning the proposal for a while and thought where else to proposed if not Paris , the oldest romantic city in the world.

How did i pop the question ? Well , we were strolling around Eiffel tower area and taking photos , then i pretended to tie my shoe laces... and the quickly took out the ring... Hahaha, i know... lame right ?
Even so , i am glad that she said Yes ! That made my heart skipped a beat.

Shelly Tham , thank you for being my soul mate. I shall treasure you and hand your hands until we grow old together. I LOVE YOU !

Monday, April 25, 2011

Singapore - Macau- HK Trip

Rules of the rat race

These are the rules and regulations of the Rat Race. Albeit a humorous look; but there’s some element of truth.

1.Rush to your place of work, avoiding smiling and if you’re driving avoid giving way to other motorists and pedestrians. If you’re on public transport struggle to breathe as you are packed in like a sardine.

2.Whilst at work, sit there all day filling your time sending irrelevant emails and undertaking irrelevant tasks. (Most people with proper use of their time could actually complete their duties in a 1/10th of the time).

3.Rush back home (refer to point 1) to eat your evening meal in front of the TV, go to bed worrying about work.

4.Repeat steps 1,2 and 3 until the end of the month.

5.At the end of the month collect your wages. Pay all your bills including your credit cards statements which you will never pay off. With what’s left save for a holiday but still book the trip using your credit card. Worry further about paying your card off!

6.Book two weeks somewhere nice. Worry about packing your case, loosing your passports, flying etc. After one week look forward to going home to catch up on TV soaps and eating proper food.

7.Repeat steps 1 to 6 until the age of 65, have a few kids along the way, integrate them into the ‘Rat Race’ and teach them the rules. If you’re lucky live for a few years and try to enjoy your retirement with what little good health remains.
These are the rules of the Rat race written by others. Do we really want to follow these rules or it is the way of lifes. Many has try to get out of the rat race but what are the methods to do it ?
Let us escape from the rat race and not bound with commitment that we lay upon ourselves that ties us down.
Find a way to live life to the fullest. Be a blowtorch , not a candle.. let us burn with passion.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Year 2011

It's the year 2011. When the new year arrives , you tend to think about the previous year , looking back to check whether you have done any significant archievements.

I was looking back to year 2010, it feels .. didn't realized that it would end so soon. I guess time flies , when you don't keep track of it. This year would be the time to get myself ready for my A-game , lots of changes need to be done for this year.

COME ON , 2011 , lets rock it. (@u@)

Oh , before that let's review the things i have done for year 2010.

 1.Travel around Perth with an angel

She looks so happy :)

2. Travel to Taipei

Taipei street

3. Interview by TV crew (not planned)

Got interviewed because i bought a pack of rice

4. Spend more time with girl friend

5. Did a different type of job

Geotechnical job

 6. Learned basic moves of Kung Fu

Only basics moves.. i am IPMAN ..  i meant.. alan tan..

 7. Complete 30 hrs flight trainings

Cesna 152 controls
 8. Explore post processing photo

9. Move to a new place in the city

10. Teaching my girl friend to swim
11.Celebrate an Italian Christmas

12. Worked 120 ++ offshores days
13.Improving my french
14. Started my PR application

Monday, December 20, 2010


KLCC view


In Suria KLCC

Top of KLCC thru telescope 

KLCC from far

Perth - Dec 2010

Murray Street

Roe Street

Perth Harbour

Monday, September 27, 2010

IPad and IPhone

A few months ago , i got myself an IPad. It's kinda a gigantic Ipod touch. I have only one word to say about it.

It's AWESOME !!!